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Expand your customer base.

Offer the ideal complement to the defibrillator
Call, Massage and Defibrillate

Cardio First Angel company


By offering a complete solution for cardiac arrest CPR, you can help save lives and improve the safety of your customers.

By offering the Cardio First Angel CPR device in addition to your defibrillators, you provide a complete solution in case of cardiac arrest. This reinforces your customers' confidence in your products and services by offering them a complete solution for emergency situations.

It's an additional source of revenue, enhancing your product and service offering and strengthening your market position.

Necessary in 100% of cases of cardiac arrest

100% mechanical

No batteries, no maintenance. No hidden costs!

Operational immediately

Take it out of the box, read the emergency instructions, massage!

Cardio First Angel V2 profile

Lightweight and compact

Small size and light weight (130 gr), it can easily be placed anywhere.

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Made in Germany

The Cardio First Angel is a CE certified device, manufactured in Nabburg, Germany.

Class I medical device with a shelf life of several years.
Do not use on victims under 16 years of age.

  • The right placement: its particular shape facilitates its correct positioning on the lower third of the patient's sternum.
  • The right hand position: the ergonomics of its button facilitates the correct placement of the hands for a good pressure, without direct contact with the patient.
  • The right pressure: a sound "click" indicates that the compression force has been reached (41 kg). Then release to decompress until the "click" is heard.
  • The right frequency: at the end of the decompression, a "click" is heard, indicating that a new compression can be performed, at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions/min.

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If you would like a demonstration of the First Angel Cardio via Zoom, please indicate your availability in the message.

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