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Protect your facilities in the event of a cardiac arrest with the Cardio First Angel, a cardiac massage aid that can be easily used by everyone.

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Become a distributor

Would you like to expand your product offering in first aid by offering your customers the Cardio First Angel?

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First aid trainer

The Cardio First Angel, in addition to being operational in real life situations, can also be used in training to learn cardiac massage.

Cardio First Angel V2
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Every minute counts

During a cardiac arrest, the brain is no longer supplied with oxygen. Cardiac massage is the first thing to be done as soon as possible to avoid irreparable damage.

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Effective cardiac massage

Thanks to its "click-clack" mechanism, the First Angel Cardio ensures that you apply the right pressure, and it's easy to get the right rhythm.

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Can be used by everyone

The First Angel Cardio is always ready to use. Anyone can use it, with or without first aid training. Thanks to its shape you can easily place it on the victim.

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