Cardiac arrest

Infography cardiac arrest

Every day, there is an average of 130 cardiac arrests in France 🇫🇷. It is important to know how to recognize them in order to act as quickly as possible.

Here are the elements to recognize a cardiac arrest:
- The person suddenly collapses.
- The victim is unconscious, does not react when spoken to or stimulated.
- His breathing is non-existent (neither the stomach nor the chest rises) or very irregular.

If all these elements are present, the victim is in cardiac arrest. You should start CPR as soon as possible and ask someone to go get a defibrillator, if one is available nearby.

The 3 most important things to remember are: call, massage and defibrillate. Here is the equipment needed:

  1. A phone to call.
    2. The First Angel Cardio to massage.
    3. A defibrillator to defibrillate.

Massage is the priority after informing the emergency services. As a reminder, the Cardio First Angel, your cardiac massage assistant, helps you perform a proper massage while waiting for a defibrillator or emergency services to arrive. In addition, if other witnesses are present, you can easily take turns, because anyone can use the Cardio First Angel.

In our next article, find out why and how to perform a proper CPR.

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