Cardio First Angel

The CPR assistant for all

In case of cardiac arrest...

chain of survival - call

1. Call

Call 112 or the emergency number of your country with mobile or fixed phone.

chain of survival - massage with Cardio First Angel

2. Massage

With the Cardio First Angel, make sure you perform effective CPR

chain of survival - call

3. Defibrillate

If there is a defibrillator nearby, send someone to get it and follow the instructions

Some figures

Victims of cardiac arrest in France

% of cardiac arrests occur outside of a medical setting

% is the approximate resurrection rate

kg, the pressure needed to perform a good massage

% of people do not intervene due to fear or lack of knowledge

    So why wait any longer? Every minute counts!

    Cardio First Angel: Anyone can save a life

    Cardio First Angel

    Simple and quick to use, the First Angel Cardio allows everyone to act in an emergency and save a life by performing an effective cardiac massage.

    Small in size and very light in weight, the First Angel Cardio is always at hand in case of emergency.

    Entirely mechanical, its implementation is immediate as soon as it is positioned on the victim, and the massage can begin by following the "click-clack" which indicates the good pressure and the good rhythm to follow.

    RDV visio form

    If you would like a demonstration of the First Angel Cardio via Zoom, please indicate your availability in the message.

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