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Cardiac arrest is the sudden and brutal stop of the heartbeat. In France, 50'000 people die from it every year: that's 10 times the number of deaths on the road.

– 10 %

chances of survival

After 5 minutes of cardiac arrest, if nothing is done, brain damage is irreversible. Every minute that passes reduces the chances of survival by 10%.

80 %

of survivors

4 out of 5 victims who survive a cardiac arrest have received first aid from the first witness.

We must therefore act, act urgently, without apprehension and with efficiency.

The First Angel Cardio takes the fear out of the equation and allows you to perform an effective massage according to ERC standards.

The Cardio First Angel is easy to use: noprior training is necessary: a simple glance at the pictograms on the top of the device is enough to understand how to use it. It's within everyone's reach!

The Cardio First Angel allows an effective cardiac massage on any person over 16 years old, thanks to :

  • a good placement: its particular shape facilitates its correct positioning on the lower third of the patient's sternum.
  • a good hand position: the ergonomics of its button facilitates the correct placement of the hands for a good pressure, without direct contact with the patient.
  • a good pressure: a sound "click" indicates that the compression force is reached (41 kg). Then release to decompress until the "click" is heard.
  • a good frequency: at the end of the decompression, a "clack" is heard, indicating that a new compression can be performed, at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions/min.

    After several years on the market with our CPR device, we have listened to your feedback and developed a version 2 of the Cardio First Angel.

    Here are the differences between these two versions:

    Cardio First Angel V1

    • Red button
    • More force required to perform the compression
    • Red opaque protective case

    Cardio First Angel V2

    • Yellow button, more visible signage on the button
    • Less force required to perform the compression
    • Transparent protective case

      If you would like to learn more about the First Angel Cardio and ask questions, we can arrange a demonstration via an appointment on Zoom. For this, please send us a request indicating your availability. 

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