Cardio First Angel V1

The cardiac massage assistant


The Cardio First Angel helps you to act effectively, right away, even without training, while waiting for help. The Cardio First Angel is easy to use and allows you to perform an effective massage, according to the ERC standards used in training, and without apprehension.

Collaborate and save lives!

For orders of more than 10 units or for any delivery outside of France or the Iberian Peninsula, ask for a quote.


  • Can only be used on victims 16 years and older
  • No training required
  • You can easily take turns
  • Perfectly complements the defibrillator
  • Small and light, it follows you everywhere (bag, glove box, ...)
  • 100% mechanical: no batteries, no maintenance
  • 2 year warranty and 7 years of use

Metropolitan France and Iberian Peninsula: shipping costs are included.
Rest of Europe : a flat rate of 8€ for shipping.
It is possible that you have to pay customs and import duties on your package depending on your country of delivery (for example: non-EU country). If your package is subject to these, the person receiving the package is responsible for handling the formalities and covering these costs.


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