In the event of a cardiac arrest, the heart stops and the brain is no longer supplied with oxygen, which is why cardiac massage must be started as soon as possible until a defibrillator and/or emergency services arrive. This can prevent serious after-effects.

Chain of survival: 1. call 112, 2. massage, 3. defibrillate

The Cardio First Angel, reassures and removes the apprehension of having to perform a cardiac massage.

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This device can be easily used by anyone, even without prior training in first aid.

The First Angel Cardio is placed between your hands and the victim. You are not in direct contact with the body.

With or without a defibrillator, always massage! Massage is the first thing you should do.

In case of panic or accident, we tend to forget basic information, such as the emergency number, practice of a gesture ... The Cardio First Angel, by its simplicity, helps you to massage in the emergency with efficiency.

100% mechanical

No batteries, no maintenance. No hidden costs!

Operational immediately

Take it out of the box, read the emergency instructions, massage!

Cardio First Angel V2 profile

Lightweight and compact

Small size and light weight (130 gr), it can easily be placed anywhere.

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Made in Germany

The Cardio First Angel is a CE certified device, manufactured in Nabburg, Germany.

Class I medical device with a life span of several years.
Not to be used on victims under 16 years of age.

  • The right placement: its particular shape facilitates its correct positioning on the lower third of the patient's sternum.
  • The right hand position: the ergonomics of its button facilitates the correct placement of the hands for a good pressure, without direct contact with the patient.
  • The right pressure: a sound "click" indicates that the compression force has been reached (41 kg). Then release to decompress until the "click" is heard.
  • The right frequency: at the end of the decompression, a "click" is heard, indicating that a new compression can be performed, at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions/min.

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